"A daring ceremony with food, wine, dance, music and lust."

In 1833, Edgar Allan Poe wrote a poem called Serenade...

Serenade is an original immersive musical experience based on a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

In this immersive musical theatrical experience, Fortunato, a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, or so he believes, invites his guests to participate in a private ancient ceremony where the seven conduits conjure the souls of the Elysium. All goes awry when an uninvited soul arrives. Guests witness the calling of the souls while savoring food and drink as seduction and music unfold around them.

Serenade brings Edgar Allan Poe's poem to life by telling the story of seven virtuous souls that dwell in the heavenly paradise known as the Elysium.



When God created woman, He created Lilith. The first woman. Every story has two sides

St. Barbara

If ever an angel walked upon earth, it was Saint Barbara. Until her gruesome death made her a saint.

Joan of Arc

Our beloved heroine. The youngest person in the history to command an army to victory. Her greatest fear became her demise.


A powerful force of nature. A woman of wrath and destruction. The goddess of volcanos. A broken hearted woman.


Mother creation. The spirit of life. When you're in need, call on Akka. But do not cross her. She's the gatekeeper of the underworld. As bright as day and as dark as night.


Lover of lovers. The enchantress of all. A survivor. A mother. A powerful foe. Cleopatra, a woman in love


The most beautiful mortal who ever lived. Gods in heaven came down for a glimpse of her. Ravaged and betrayed.


Edgar Allan Poe's beloved angel. Once she discovered he was gone, she followed him by her own doing. Forever in no-man's land.


Our dear Greek Shepard boy who became an astronomer. Selene the moon goddess's lover. He shares his secret love affair.


The descendant of Poe, a true believer and The Master of Ceremony


Fortunato's little sister with an affection for the dark arts and The Mistress of Ceremony.


She is The Maiden, Mother and Crone.