The Enlightened Ones

The Enlightened Ones are beings of light. Much is written about them throughout history, they appear in dreams and visions. Only the innocent can communicate with the Enlightened Ones. It's believed they come from a star brighter than any star above. They are present in all that is creation. They are the keepers of The Elysium.

The Elysium

The Elysium is a place between heaven and earth, created by The Enlightened Ones, for the virtuous souls that untimely perished on earth.

The Cave of the Treasure

A sacred place on earth. The Cave of the Treasure is where the Enlightened Ones keep The Elysium Scrolls. The "Cave of the Treasure" is hidden on a cliff in a canyon that descends through the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea, southwest of Ein-Gedi.

The Elysium Scrolls

Created by the Enlightened Ones, The Elysium Scrolls are impressions made on scrolls  of the virtues souls entering the Elysium.


Ugarit was an ancient port city, the ruins of which are located at what is now called Ras Shamra a headland in northern Syria. Ugarit is unique. Occupied for over 4,000 years, it was the world’s first international port, a nexus point not only for goods, but for Bronze Age technologies and knowledge. Ugarit’s life ended in the late Bronze Age when the mysterious Sea People conquered the levant coastline in the early Iron Age- destroyed the town.

The Sea People

The identity of the Sea People has remained enigmatic and modern scholars have only the scattered records of ancient civilizations and archaeological analysis to inform them. They sailed around the eastern Mediterranean and invaded and destroyed Cities by the sea.


Eneth is the orphan child who kept the scrolls safe during the destruction of the ancient city of Ugarit by the Sea People in 1190 BCE. She was visited by the Enlightened Ones on Mt Zaphon and given instructions to return The Elysium Scrolls to their sacred place of origin in The Cave of the Treasures. In return The Enlightened Ones gave her descendants "The Gift".

Mount Zaphon

Mount Zaphon is a sacred mountain, located near the mouth of the Orontes River on the Syrian-Turkish border, north of Ugarit.  According to Ugaritic texts it was the sacred mountain of the storm god Baal. The thunderstorm-gathering mountain was an object of cult itself. According to Isaiah 14:13 the mountain Zaphon is the location where the gods assembled.

The White Stag

Unique qualities and traits: By all accounts a noble creature, the white stag possessed the ability to continually elude its hunters, who chased it not for the kill, but the thrill of pursuit. Often the stag led those who took up the chase on a quest, or by its mere appearance, signaled that the time for a quest was at hand. Many tales suggest its presence heralded coming change. At times, the stag was depicted as having almost human-like understanding and certainly far beyond animal intelligence.

As a symbol, some legends held the white stag signaled the presence of the Otherworld or marked an act of transgression. Some have also viewed it as a symbol of Christ or of royalty and purity.