In the beginning there were stars brighter than any stars above. Home of the Enlightened Ones. They created The Elysium, a place between heaven and earth to honor the virtuous souls who untimely perished on earth.

The Enlightened Ones created impressions of the souls upon entering the Elysium. These are The Elysium Scrolls.

The Elysium Scrolls were to remain safe in a sacred place on earth called, The Cave of the Treasure.

The mysterious Sea People invaded cities along the coast. They discovered The Elysium Scrolls and removed them from The Cave of the Treasure. For a long while The Elysium Scrolls remained at the bottom of their ships amongst stolen treasures.

In 1190 BCE, the Sea People invaded Ugarit, a highly developed city off the coast of the Mediterranean. With little defense against the Sea People, Ugarit was overthrown. An Ugarit priest discovered The Elysium Scrolls while imprisoned in their ships. He escaped with the scrolls and gave it to his servant before dying, instructing her to flee to safety to Mount Zaphon.

Her name was Eneth, an orphaned child. As she fled she watched her city burn to the ground. Upon arriving at Mount Zaphon, Eneth was visited by the Enlightened Ones. They were shapeless and brighter than light. They informed her that the Elysium Scrolls had to be returned to its sacred place in The Cave of the Treasure, by an innocent, free of earthly desires.

Eneth was chosen.

Once returned to The Cave of the Treasure, the Enlightened Ones promised Eneth a gift. All her descendants will be touched with the gift of light. If they were born in feminine form , they will possess great courage, they will be seers, the conduits of the Elysium souls, the healers, the visionaries, the keepers of the earth. If they were born in masculine form, they will possess the strength of warriors, they will know the language of the stars, the alchemists, the shamans, the poets and the protectors of the earth.

Eneth was taught a ceremony by the Enlightened Ones as a way to communicate with the souls of the Elysium, the ceremony is called Serenade.

Many years later, Eneth married Nimrod and had twin sons. They were hunters. On one of their hunting trips they came across a White Stag. They chased the White Stag to different lands, where they met their brides and created new kingdoms.

One brother went East, the other West. For the next several hundreds of years their descendants were Attila the Hun, Joan of Arc and others we recognize as artists, explorers, poets, revolutionaries, medicine men, scientists, astronomers, martyrs and world leaders that changed the history of mankind.